Troubled device platform player Jolla said it is “now looking more stable” after closing a new fundraising round, stating it has “several licensing deals in the pipeline”.

Late in November, Jolla confirmed it was temporarily laying-off a large portion of its workforce, after new funding was delayed.

Antti Saarnio, chairman of the company, said: “A very important part in a start-up’s journey is going through death valleys. Most start-ups need great survival skills and determination and innovative solutions to succeed in the long run. Jolla has now successfully completed its investment round and is ready to continue to provide a true mobile OS alternative to the world.”

While it did not name new licensing partners, the company said that “especially vendors providing security and privacy enhanced smartphones and solutions have shown great interest towards Sailfish OS”.

It said that while it has “been solely carrying the high investment cost” of the platform, it is moving to a model where “our partners in the BRICS countries, especially in Russia, India and China, will invest in the R&D of local market operations, while Jolla will focus more on the development of the core of Sailfish OS, producing Sailfish software releases, and supporting its licensees and app developers”.

And the statement did end with a caveat, that despite the new financing, it “needs to adapt to the new situation”, and is “working on a most efficient plan for the company and its partners for financing its longer-term operations”.