The French telecoms federation issued a set of provisions covering responsible power consumption for local operators, naming energy saving actions which must be implemented by industry players at all levels.

In a statement, the federation cited findings by research company The Carbon Trust which showed energy consumption in the sector had improved from 2015 to 2018, but warned the issue remained a key economic challenge.

It emphasised the energy-intensive operations of telecom networks demand a sustainable approach at a wider scale, calling for operators to control power consumption related to all activities including in offices, laboratories and network performance, which accounted for 90 per cent of energy expenditure.

The federation noted technologies including fibre and 5G have enhanced energy efficiency, but argued operators must look beyond network deployments to reduce their carbon footprint.

Key plans will include raising awareness of energy issues among employees and campaigns targeting customers.

It also asked regulators to reflect on network rollouts in certain areas, stating deployments should be adjusted to consumer needs to mitigate an explosion of energy use, particularly the application of 5G in sites with high density.

Further, the federation suggested financial contributions by content providers including Meta Platforms, Netflix and Amazon would help operators invest in more energy-efficient networks.