Ericsson committed to introducing compatibility for open fronthaul across its cloud RAN and radio portfolio starting in 2024, a move it claimed underlined its commitment to leading the industrialisation of open RAN.

It stated it worked together with the industry through the O-RAN Alliance to reach a critical milestone towards defining the next-generation open fronthaul interface, required to bring performance at scale to open RAN.

The vendor stated it deployed more than 1 million radios which are hardware ready for the next-generation of open fronthaul technology.

With the new radio platforms released this year, it has a complete open RAN-ready offering across its Massive MIMO and remote radio portfolios.

The company further claimed it is leading industrialisation through cloudification, open fronthaul and open management for network programmability.

Fredrik Jejdling, EVP and head of Networks, said Ericsson believes the biggest revolution in future mobile networks is the introduction of cloud-based open networks, which will enable a move towards fully-programmable mobile networks.

As part of its ongoing push around open RAN, the company last week expanded a partnership Google Cloud to develop a hybrid cloud platform to help operators optimise RAN infrastructure.