LIVE FROM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WORLD, COPENHAGEN: Geopolitical issues and current crises around energy supplies must not take the focus off addressing climate change, TDC Net CEO Andreas Pfisterer (pictured) urged, as he highlighted advantages of culling power-sapping legacy kit.

Speaking in the opening session of day two, the executive indicated there was a need for providers to decommission legacy infrastructure, citing even 4G equipment as being much less energy efficient than 5G.

“Despite a lot of challenges we have in the world, the climate crisis is still the most important one.”

“We cannot allow that topic to drop off the agenda. As the telecoms sector we have a very important responsibility ourselves because we all know we are a heavy consumer of energy and we need to take responsibility.”

TDC Net, which is the separated-off infrastructure company of mobile and fixed player TDC Group, aims to meet the “full scope” of the three stages of net zero targets by 2030.

As part of its drive, the company has been deploying energy efficient technology, tapping green power sources and decommissioning legacy infrastructure.

Pfisterer noted outdated technology tended “to be extremely energy heavy and energy inefficient”.

He added TDC Net’s efforts will be aided by using AI and machine learning throughout its business operations. Moves include an initiative designed to cut the distance its field technicians have to travel each year.

TDC Net also aims to deliver use cases for its industry partners designed to help third parties become greener, Pfisterer added, a initiative he urged other operators to replicate.