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Oracle seeks ‘billions’ in damages from Google

Oracle is claiming billions of dollars in damages from its lawsuit with Google, in which it alleges that the search giant is infringing its intellectual property in the Android operating system.

Oracle targeting enterprise mobile app market

Oracle announced its Application Development Framework MobileClient, which it says “allows developers to extend their existing skills into mobile devices.”

Device makers at risk following Oracle Java code distribution

Website FOSS Patents said that the open-source Android distributions of device makers including Motorola, LG and Samsung appear to include copyrighted code from Oracle (gained through its earlier acquisition of Sun Microsystems), potentially putting these companies at risk of an infringement lawsuit.

Google fires latest salvo in Oracle patent suit

The legal action between Google and Oracle about the use of patented Java technology in Android rumbled on, with Google responding to the latest claims by arguing that – among other things – it is not responsible for the actions of third parties offering products using the platform.

Oracle acquires ATG to boost mobile transactions

Oracle is acquiring Art Technology Group (ATG) for approximately US$1 billion in a purely cash-for-stock deal

Apple countersues Motorola over device patents; Oracle/Google action hots-up

Apple filed two patent lawsuits against Motorola, primarily relating to user interface technology including multi-touch input for smartphones, while Oracle made a new filing in its previously announced patent infringement suit with Google.

Gemalto launches Android patent suit; MS reportedly targeting Taiwan vendors

Digital security company Gemalto became the latest player to join the handset patent wars, filing a infringement suit in the US against Google, HTC, Motorola and Samsung, while Microsoft is reported to be in talks with Taiwanese vendors about the use of its patents in Android devices.

Motorola alleges Apple patent infringement, calls for device ban

Motorola is suing Apple for patent infringement, filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission which alleges that Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iTouch and “certain Mac computers” infringe Motorola patents, and launching similar legal actions in Illinois and Florida.

Google hits back at Oracle patent lawsuit

Google filed its response to a lawsuit from Oracle which alleged Java patent infringements in the Android platform, stating that it “specifically denies Google has infringed or is liable for infringement of any valid and enforceable claim of any patents asserted in this action by Oracle.”

RIM announces revamped developer tools, payment options at 2010 DevCon

Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO of Research In Motion, used his keynote address at the 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference to trumpet momentum for the platform, before introducing a number of new tools and services, telling the audience: “we continue to invest in additional services, to help you monetise and build your business.”