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When will Google get bored with Android?

Directly and indirectly, Android has cost Google a lot of cash. And while it has helped popularise the mobile Internet, so has iOS and various other device platforms and browsers.

Report: Oracle mulled smartphone push

Enterprise software giant Oracle considered making a smartphone powered by its Java technology, as well as having mulled acquisitions of Palm and RIM, according to reports from an ongoing intellectual property trial involving the company and Google.

Report: Oracle rejected Google deal in Android patent dispute

Google said it will pay Oracle a proportion of revenue from Android if a trial scheduled for April can prove infringement took place of Oracle-owned patents during the development of the mobile OS

New names linked to webOS buy; HP continues to mull options

RIM, IBM, Oracle and Intel have all be named as being interested in webOS although the future of platform remains unclear

Google exec: Android subject of hostile, organised campaign

David Drummond (pictured), SVP and chief legal officer of Google, used the company’s official blog to argue that the company is the subject of “a hostile, organised campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other companies, waged through bogus patents.”

Penicillin: the antidote to patent wars


The patents ‘cold war’ risks paralysing the industry unless a cure is found.

Google denied bid to keep internal Android memo sealed

Dow Jones Newswires reports that Google has been denied a bid to have an internal memo that proposed licensing Oracle’s Java software sealed and redacted from the public record, as part of litigation over Google’s use of Java in its Android mobile phone software.

US planning patent probe, as Google strengthens hand

The Wall Street Journal reported that the US Justice Department is “intensifying” an investigation into whether companies including Apple, Microsoft and RIM could use the patent portfolio they recently acquired from Nortel Networks to “unfairly hobble competing smartphones using Google’s Android software,” as it was separately reported that Google had strengthened its own patent armoury with an acquisition of intellectual property from IBM.

Oracle and Google unreasonable in patent dispute

Reuters reports that a US judge had said that both Oracle and Google have taken “unreasonable” positions about the scale of damages involved in their Java patent lawsuit, with District Judge William Alsup stating that “you’re both asking for the moon and you should be more reasonable.”

Report: Oracle receives setback in Google patent lawsuit

Website The H said that the US Patent and Trademark Office has declared a patent at the heart of Oracle’s ongoing legal battle with Google invalid, sparking speculation that there may now be delays while the USPTO reviews all of the patents involved.