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4G race hots up in the US

Legacy networks phased out as 4G-LTE migration accelerates

Clearwire starts LTE build; Time Warner sells stake

Clearwire has said that build-out of its new TD-LTE network is now underway and will pick up significantly in the fourth quarter.

Sprint share price hit by investor concerns

Sprint Nextel has seen its biggest fall in share price for three months after the US number-three operator was downgraded to underperform by an influential investment research firm

Report: LightSquared mulling former Nextel boss for new CEO

Proposed US wholesale LTE network LightSquared is looking into the possibility of hiring former CEO of Nextel, Timothy Donahue, as its new CEO

Rivals call for FCC investigation into Verizon Wireless spectrum deal

US operators T-Mobile USA, Sprint Nextel and MetroPCS, the Rural Telecommunications Group and the Rural …

Sprint results show impact of iPhone launch

US operator Sprint Nextel posted an anticipated increase in losses for the fourth quarter of …

Sprint gives LightSquared more time to secure approval

US operator Sprint Nextel has again extended the deadline for the proposed US wholesale LTE operator LightSquared to secure regulatory approval

Sprint Nextel reorganisation sees four executives exit

US number three operator Spring Nextel has carried out a reorganisation of its organisational structure with four executives to leave the company as a result

Sprint extends deadline for LightSquared

US operator Sprint Nextel has extended its deadline for LTE operator LightSquared to obtain clearance from the Federal Communications Commission to operate its network

Sprint deploys first multi-mode base station

US number-three operator Sprint Nextel has deployed its first multi-mode base station in Branchburg, New Jersey as part of its Network Vision project