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Trevor Skinner's Profile Photo

Trevor Skinner - Head of Digital Online

Trevor brings a remarkable 23-year tenure at GSMA, complemented by an extensive 32-year background in marketing and communications. His journey began as a 'webmaster,' spearheading all online assets' design, development, and management while efficiently overseeing the company's IT functions. In his current capacity as Head of Digital Online, Trevor plays a pivotal role in shaping and guiding the Mobile World Live offerings. This encompasses diverse endeavours, from orchestrating engaging webinars and live-streaming events to producing cutting-edge mobile applications. Moreover, Trevor leverages his expertise to foster valuable external collaborations, which is essential for the growth and innovation of Mobile World Live. Trevor's academic prowess further underscores his credentials, holding a distinguished BEng (Hons) degree as a qualified Electronics Engineer. His multifaceted experience within GSMA and beyond cements his status as a dynamic and accomplished leader in digital innovation, marketing, and communications.

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