Irish digital marketing agency Eightytwenty has joined forces with the Asthma Society of Ireland to create an app for asthma patients.

The free app, which is called Asthma Coach, is available for iOS devices. Patients can keep an electronic record of their experiences, take measurements, follow symptoms as well as track medication usage, narrate when they have suffered an asthma attack, what triggered it and when was their last check-up.

The partners say the app was developed in consultation with healthcare professionals as well as asthma patients themselves.

Eightytwenty recently won an Eircom Spider award, a leading online award in Ireland although the agency won it for its work with a bank rather than for a health app.

With Asthma Coach, patients can also share their data with their doctor. And the app can be tailored via a child mode for younger patients.

The app includes reminders for medical appointments, medications and vaccinations. In addition it offers advice videos, a live pollen feed and a push-to-call function for emergency calls if a patient is suffering an attack.