LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILITY LIVE, ATLANTA: A panel featuring major broadcasters and content owners reflected on the role of mobile and VR and how such tech impacts their strategy.

Jeremy Legg, CTO at Turner, said it is not realistic to believe consumers will cancel their pay TV cable subscriptions and consume all content on mobile, but that doesn’t mean mobile is not an essential way that the company gets itself “in front of eyeballs”.

He believes Turner’s online properties like CNN gets the firm in front of audiences that would not traditionally be found through TV.

He also believes virtual reality (VR) will play a big role in enriching the underlying experience that Turner already provides, such as giving everyone a front row seat at an NBA game.

The CNN app gets 100 million users every day and James Prolizo, Digital Technologist and Strategist at CNN, said both VR and augmented reality will eventually go mainstream although it “will need a bit of love” and the willingness of companies to be “fearless” and “jump in on it”.

He believes CNN is such a firm, and was one of the first to create content for Google Daydream.

Prolizo also said video is changing significantly. For instance, when it comes to 360 degree videos, consumers “love it, want it and are begging for it”.

Videos and VR will play a big role in CNN’s strategy of putting content into the hands of the consumers, as people who are news junkies become “insane news junkies” and want to “live the news”.

“It is an incredible time for people to interact with content,” he said.