The GSMA and mHealth Alliance today announced speakers for  the GSMA-mHA Mobile Health Summit, which will be held 6-9 June 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

The agenda features thought-leading conference sessions addressing a broad range of areas such as ‘Mobile Health for Capacity Building’; ‘Parallels and Diversities in Mobile Health between Emerging and Developed Countries’; ‘Privacy and Security of Mobile Health’; ‘Compliance and Medical Adherence around Non-Communicable Diseases’ and ‘Mobile Health Solutions along the Continuum of Care for Maternal Health.

The summit, jointly developed by the GSMA and mHealth Alliance and co-organised with Continua Health Alliance, includes visionary presentations and speeches from leaders across the mobile ecosystem, such as:

Keynote speakers include:
• Prof. Krishnan Ganapathy, President, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation
• Christian de Faria, Senior Vice President of Commercial & Innovation, MTN Group
• Lyse Brillouet, Head of Strategy & Marketing, Orange Healthcare
• Pramod Gaur, Vice President Telehealth, United Health Group

Other executives participating in the conference programme include:
• Seyyal Hacibekiroglu, Coordinator of Acibadem Homecare and Telemedicine, Acibadem Healthcare Group
• Dr. Patricia Mechael, Director of Strategic Application of Mobile Technology for Public Health and Development, Center for Global Health and Economic Development, Columbia University
• Chuck  Parker , Executive Director, Continua Alliance
• Dr. Jonathan Broomberg, CEO, Discovery Health Group
• Steve  Ollis, Deputy Country Director – Tanzania, D-Tree International
• Chris Crockford, Founder, Formula Innovation
• Lisa  Russell, Producer/Director, Governess Films
• Dr Kristin Tolle, Director, Natural User Interactions, Microsoft
• Ian Puttersgill, Director, Montana Healthcare Solutions
• Adesina Iluyemi, Co-Chair, Global Health Commission , NEPAD
• Fredrik H.  Winsnes, NetHope Health and M&E Program Director, NetHope
• Dr. Martina  Flammer, Senior Director, Pfizer Inc.
• Clint McClellan, Sr Director Business Development, Qualcomm
• Ramon R.  Isberto, Head of Public Affairs Group , SMART Communications
• Anand Iyer, President & Chief Operating Officer, Welldoc
• Martha  Newsome, Global Director for Health and Nutrition, World Vision

“The incredible advancement of mobile communications has created an opportunity to reduce the cost to serve, extend the reach and improve the quality of healthcare,” said Gavin Krugel, Head of Health, GSMA. “Healthcare services through mobile technology have the potential to be life-changing for billions of people and the GSMA-mHA Mobile Health Summit will both facilitate discussion and showcase the latest developments and solutions in this rapidly evolving and dynamic marketplace.”

“We are delighted that such a dynamic line up of innovators will be with us at this year’s Mobile Health Summit,” said Jennifer Potts, Director of the Maternal and Newborn Mobile Health Initiative at the mHealth Alliance. “This event will advance the discussion on how wireless technology can save lives and promote healthier communities in developing countries.”

In addition to the exhibition showcase and conference, the event will offer business development opportunities for executives from across the mobile and healthcare industries and will include a premier forum for mobile health networking with C- level leaders of health service institutions, mobile operators, NGOs and solution providers, as well as regulators and policy makers.

The GSMA-mHA Mobile Health Summit offers four days of discussion, leadership and progress updates for the mobile health industry. The conference and exhibition will be held on June 7-8, with many additional meetings, working groups and other sessions taking place on June 6 and 9. Co-organiser Continua Health Alliance and event partner iheed, the Irish-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting innovation in health education, will develop mobile health-focused meetings and education sessions as part of the Summit on Monday, 6 June.

The GSMA will utilise its central role in the mobile industry to provide a unique opportunity for delegates and exhibitors from both industries and their wider ecosystems to interact and share experiences in a world-class environment. The event will attract a wide range of stakeholders including mobile operators, insurance groups, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, research centres, equipment manufacturers, infrastructure vendors, application developers and integrators from around the globe.