NFC joint venture Isis has reached agreement with four leading point-of-sale (POS) terminal vendors to support its mobile payments application in current and future versions of their products. The four vendors which will integrate the Isis Mobile Commerce Application into their retailer-based terminals are VeriFone, Ingenico, Vivotech and Equinox Payments.  The vendors will upgrade their infrastructure in a number of ways. There could be new terminals or the installing of an NFC add-on device or a remote software upgrade of the existing infrastructure.

The agreements with the four vendors are intended to make offering NFC-based payments easier to implement and so make Isis attractive to the retail sector. A sign of retailers' current thinking has come from a group of leading companies including Wal-Mart and Target who are reported to be planning their own mobile payment system which would be a rival to Isis as well as other competitors such as Google Wallet.

Isis, which launches later in 2012, is gradually putting together the underlying partnerships for its debut. Last week at Mobile World Congress it announced three banking partners.