US cable operator Cox Communications plans to offer regional consumers mobile content and services after buying 22 licenses of 700MHz spectrum in the FCC’s March auction. Information Week reports that at the US Progress and Freedom Foundation’s annual technology summit, Cox president Patrick Esser said the company will “focus on providing simple calling plans, integrating all our services into one device with a consistent cross-platform interface, and making our content and applications mobile… Wireless is straight from our offensive playbook. It’s an important innovation, a logical business evolution, and will maximise the immense power of Cox’s greatest asset – the last mile of robust broadband networks.”

Earlier this year, Cox spent more than US$300 million at the 700MHz spectrum auction. The company plans to invest a total of US$500 million on wireless spectrum, added Esser. The company also plans to use its tru2Way platform, which allows customers to access cable content on devices other than a set-top box, to deliver content on mobile devices. Esser did not give specific details on a rollout timeframe but the Information Week report notes that the move has the potential to have a major impact on the country’s existing mobile operators; it would allow Cox to offer consumers ‘quad-play’ services (Internet, home phone, cable TV and mobile) at a potentially attractive price. Atlanta-based Cox claims to have more than 6 million residential and commercial customers and employs a staff of over 22,000.