Atos Worldine has launched a Visa and MasterCard-compliant NFC-based mobile wallet for card issuers. The vendor says the cloud-based wallet offers additional features that can differentiate the end-user service. The announcement indicates that, in addition to card issuers, newcomers to the payment market such as mobile operators are possible customers for Atos’ white-label solution.

Among the features of the new wallet are straightforward integration with existing payment platforms so subscriber details can be easily added. Atos supplies its own mobile gateway to enable this to happen. Additional features include strong authentication, coupons, loyalty, link to cloud wallet and P2P payment, which can be implemented depending on the issuer’s strategy. The white-label service can easily be branded to suit the issuer, so reducing time-to-market.

The service is in line with the latest specification from Visa, MasterCad, SIMAlliance and AFCSM.