MAIN PHOTO - Mr. Giuseppe Farina, Chairman of ALBtelecom Board and Albanian Minister of Transport Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto

ADVERTORIAL: ALBtelecom, the company with more than 100 years of experience in telecommunications, started a continuous collaboration with the ministries and institutions in Albania for the country’s development.

Recently, the company supported the Albanian Road Authority for a project on part of the Tirana – Elbasan highway. The collaboration between ALBtelecom and public institutions comes naturally because this company is a leader in underground infrastructure, with the widest and biggest fixed fiber optics network in Albania, which is installed in the main roads for offering telecommunications services.

This segment, part of Tirana – Elbasan, is the road of all visitors that come to Tirana from eastern Albania, Macedonia and Greece.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, assessed the project as very important and thanked ALBtelecom for the support.

The Chairman of ALBtelecom Board, Giuseppe Farina, said that ALBtelecom will continue with these projects which facilitate citizen life and also will support the public agencies to bring the latest standards. “We are glad to give our contribution to the country’s development. Fiber optic networks have a key role in having high capacity of data services, for the development of a country and digitalisation, increasing capacity for Internet service and data in the entire country”.

Being the biggest operator of Albania in terms of services makes the company more responsible and determined for the role it has in the support of Albania’s development.

ALBtelecom’s total Fiber Optic backbone and total local network is about 3500 km long, making it the widest network in Albania with no competitor. Besides, ALBtelecom has the highest capacity of total access network lines, like no other operator in the market, which means that the company reaches every Albanian home. This company has the only real IPTV service in the country and it is the only operator which offers the widest range of telecommunication services in Albania, in a single point.

To provide internet service we have to reach every home of Albanians in order to provide services such as IPTV, internet, fixed telephony, dedicated Internet, IT services, Cloud services. Therefore, ALBtelecom has increased the capacity of providing these services to every home in the entire country.