Azuri Technologies partnered with FirstBank to jointly promote solar-powered TV services paid for using the bank’s mobile money offering in rural Nigeria, a move the two said would improve financial inclusion and promote clean power.

The Azuri TV service will be co-marketed and -branded with FirstBank’s Firstmonie platform.

Included in the deal is a commitment to increase Firstmonie’s 16,000-strong agent network in areas where Azuri already has a customer-base, widening access to mobile financial services in these areas.

In a joint statement, the pair said the partnership would provide “much needed energy and enable access to financial services in rural, low-income areas.”

The connection between the two companies will also help customers build a financial history to open access to wider services, a representative for Azuri Technologies added.

FirstBank CEO Adesola Adeduntan explained the deal was part of a drive to give its customers access to “a wide range of services that address real problems such as access to power”.