App recommendation company youAPPi launched a cross-platform app recommendation and distribution tool, boosted by US$1 million of private investment.

The Israel-based company's smartAPP recommendation and distribution tool, which helps users discover the most relevant apps for their needs, has been launched on the Tappible mobile app monetisation platform.

In tests, 30 percent of users presented with a matched title by the smartAPP technology installed the app. The technology supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile platforms as well as web-enabled devices such as tablets, computers and TVs.

The technology works by analysing the content users are already using, previously downloaded apps and preferences to match their interests with relevant apps. By matching users with apps and converting these to downloads, smartAPP should generate more revenue for publishers.

"Right now, there is no easy and effective solution for app developers to promote their apps and gain loyal users. Based on feedback from partners and our own internal test, we believe that youAPPi solves the app distribution challenges for all players in the app ecosystem users, publishers and app developers," said youAPPi CEO  and co-founder Moshe Vaknin.