German app analytics start-up Xyologic is reported to have received a “significant round of funding”, as it looks to move into the app discovery space with a “closed beta” of a search service for Android users.

According to TechCrunch, the company has received funding from Signia Venture Partners, an investment vehicle supported by several established gaming and app executives.

In a blog post, Xyologic said that since 2010 it has gathered information on how users search for apps, the queries they type, and how they behave.

It said that “our main findings conclude that there is demand for a powerful search engine for apps that must be able to understand vaguely-expressed intents and very general queries during the search process”.

The report said that the company intends using some of its funding to extend its app search to iOS and other platforms in the near future, as well as developing a search app to extend its current web-based presence.