Research into the mobile habits of UK users found that many are deleting apps from their mobile phones “at an alarming rate”.

The study by web hosting company found that 20 per cent of the 1,000 people polled regularly delete apps within just three months of downloading, with 39 per cent often deleting apps because they are “useless”.

Daniel Foster, technical director and co-founder of, said this could be because “users hit storage capacity on their phones and apps are often the first to go before music, videos, or photos”.

He also thinks the latest update from Google may have had an impact as businesses have been pushed to create websites that are more mobile-friendly – meaning consumers no longer need to download an app to get a decent experience on mobile.

“Offering regular perks to those that download an app might be the only way to keep a consumer that isn’t necessarily loyal to a brand engaged, to prevent them from deleting the app,” suggested Foster.