App optimisation platform Swrve introduced an A/B testing capability to provide insight into user engagement across different versions of an app.

Developers and app marketers can use the technology to determine which variants of their apps are most effective and provide the greatest business value.

Conventional A/B testing defines a specific goal, such as a user purchasing an item, as a measure of success. Swrve argues that this often doesn’t accurately reflect the impact of changes on the financial success of an app.

The company said its engagement score approach gives companies a more sophisticated picture of how different versions of apps can relate to business success based on a number of different requirements.

For example, the number of in-app items purchased and the price at which they were purchased can be taken into account by the technology.

“We now give companies an accurate, statistically valid view on which competing variant delivers for their business,” said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve.