Android users can now navigate with Waze from within Spotify, or vice versa, for an “uninterrupted listening experience” while they drive.

“Spotify and Waze team up to bring your favourite artists and music along for the ride – directly into the Waze app – making your commute or next road trip more enjoyable… users will be able to get the best directions and playlists in the car, without having to switch screens,” Spotify said in a statement.

Users can also access Spotify playlists and change tracks from within Waze. When in the Spotify app they will be given short instructions regarding direction at the top of the app, and while in the Waze app they can see playlists and tracks on the top.

Spotify warned if users want to switch between apps it must be when their car is at a complete stop.

Waze was acquired by Google in 2013. While Google offers its own music streaming service, Spotify tops the tables in terms of user numbers with over 50 million paid subscribers, which could explain why Waze chose it over Google.

Waze told TechCrunch Spotify is its only partner for this kind of integration for now.