Online video distribution company RTG Ventures announced that it is moving further into the mobile app arena through its Digital Clarity subsidiary.

Digital Clarity – a digital marketing agency specialising in search engine marketing, social media and digital measurement – is now an official iOS developer, and will support Google’s Android and RIM’s BlackBerry platforms in the future. It is working with customers to help them adopt a ‘mobile-first’ strategy – whether that be smartphone or tablet focused – so that they can be competitive in the future.

Digital Clarity MD Reggie James said the mobile device is now “core” for all businesses with much more thought going into apps and websites. “Having the ability to create mobile and web apps in-house is an important addition to RTG's capability as well as a massive revenue opportunity for Digital Clarity,” he said. The agency works with clients to improve their online presence and customer acquisition. It also provides consultancy and strategy planning for clients and advertising agency partners.

RTG Venture provides services which allow video rights owners to control and make money from their content through mobile and internet distribution.