Mobile Entertainment reports that GetJar has launched a native app for Android to enable customers to view its store, although a number of the details appear somewhat unusual. According to the report, the app, called GetJar Client, is being made available through Google’s Android Market – it is not currently listed on GetJar itself. In addition, the description of the client, developed by OpenView Mobile, was said to contain only details of the GetJar store – not details of the apps features.

It is unclear if Google would allow GetJar to use Android Market to offer an app promoting an other store, and it seems unusual that GetJar would choose this path to launch its client anyway – especially as it already has its own, hugely successful channel to distribute it. GetJar previously removed the Opera browser from its catalogue when Opera started adding links to its own catalogue to the app, stating that it would not support the promotion of stores other than its own.

While the details of the possible launch are somewhat unclear, the concept of a native GetJar app for Android makes some sense. The company has previously stated its aim to build its business supporting this platform, against a backdrop of criticism for Google’s own Android Market.