App discovery company Quixey launched ‘deep view cards’, which it said enables advertisers to get app content and functions discovered by users.

“This is the evolution of deep linking that marketers have been waiting for to not just deliver a static ad with a deep link, but to generate dynamic ads featuring functionalities from apps at scale,” said Tomer Kagan, co-founder and CEO of Quixey.

Kagan added that the company is serving more than 60 million impressions of deep view cards per month.

Quixey said it uses content acquisition techniques and patent-pending native app mining technology, allowing deep view cards to be dynamic and rendered in real-time.

Each deep view card represents the content and actions embodied by a specific function of an app, such as making a purchase or finding flight deals.

In an A/B testing campaign on ad platforms, Quixey found deep view cards delivered 130 to 150 per cent higher engagement in click-through rates compared with other campaigns.

Deep view cards “capture and capitalise on user intent in an effective way because they display the exact destination within the app that will help users complete an action, not just pre-determined ad content or creative”, said Deep Katyal, senior director, product innovation, Opera Mediawork, one of Quixey’s partners.

Quixey said: “Deep View Cards are also solving the challenges associated with the traditional approach to mobile app ad creative production. Quixey can programmatically extract content and generate creative at scale that is compatible with platforms like Twitter.”