Jelly Industries, which describes itself as a human powered search engine, was acquired by Pinterest, as the two have “astonishingly similar” missions.

Jelly was co-founded by Biz Stone who also co-founded Twitter. Stone said the company was considering a fundraising round but decided to go a different way. One reason for this was getting Jelly’s work “to millions of people right away.”

“When we talked about Jelly joining forces with Pinterest, things got really interesting. Their mission was astonishingly similar to ours. Human powered search, a subjective search engine, and discovering things you didn’t know you need to know. These are all key to Jelly,” he said in a blog post.

Stone and Jelly’s CTO Ben Finkel are slated to take jobs within Pinterest as part of the deal.

Jelly lets people ask questions and then uses an algorithm to pair them with experts to give answers. Although investors include Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams of Twitter, and Al Gore, the idea never really took off.

“We’re still working out details, so there are unknowns. Will Jelly remain separate, or integrated somehow?” he added.

The Verge described Jelly as a “truly terrible search engine” and said “it won’t remain separate, because no one was using it” adding that Pinterest will “almost certainly shut it down.”

Pinterest, last valued at $11 billion, in February sought to beef up its service by launching three visual discovery tools which “reinvent how people find ideas”.