Opera’s Mobile Store reached 105 million monthly visitors and 200,000 titles during the fourth quarter of 2013, making it the fifth-largest mobile app store globally, according to the company.

The user base for the store increased 172 per cent during 2013, consolidating its position as the world’s largest cross-platform app store.

The apps offered in the Mobile Store are available for Android, Java, BlackBerry, Symbian and HTML5. It also lists apps for iOS, but directs users to Apple’s App Store to download them.

The company also touted a redesigned store front which it claimed “generated record-breaking conversion rates” for users downloading and using apps.

The number of page views and downloads grew 250 per cent year-on-year with the visit to download ratio increasing by 20 per cent.

Of the different operating systems, Android showed the biggest growth, making up 42.7 per cent of total downloads, up 16.8 per cent year-on-year.

In terms of countries with the most users, India led the way, following by the US and Indonesia. The US jumped five positions compared to a year earlier.

During 2013, Opera partnered with a number of Eastern European operators, with MTS Belarus and MTS Ukraine launching co-branded app stores with Opera.

It also struck a cross app store publishing partnership with Russian search engine Yandex, meaning apps in the Mobile Store are also available in the Yandex app store.

Launched in September 2011, the Opera Mobile Store is based on technology developed by Handster, which Opera acquired.