Pokemon Go developer Niantic and Nintendo agreed to jointly develop apps featuring AR technology as part of a long-term partnership aimed at providing real-world activities for players.

In a statement, Niantic VP of product management Kei Kawai explained the company will act as a Nintendo’s publisher for AR apps to bring game characters to life “in new ways”.

The companies will introduce an app based on the real-time strategy and puzzle video game franchise Pikmin. The offering is planned for launch this year and will include activities designed to “make walking more delightful”.

Details on other apps will be unveiled in the next few months.

Following the success of its AR-based game Pokemon Go, Niantic has been on the lookout for ways to enhance its play in the space through a number of takeover moves, including acquiring US-based Seismic Games in 2018 and purchasing UK-based game studio Sensible Object a year later.