Israeli mobile games publisher MoMinis has secured US$4.5 million in second round funding, stating that  the success of its PlayScape Mobile Mega-Game was a key factor in attracting the investment.

PlayScape is a unified gaming environment, with multiple games supporting incentives, rewards and a virtual currency that are common to all and transferrable between them. Because of these features, PlayScape has been proven to improve user retention and engagement, the company said.

MoMinis has generated 15 million downloads in three months on Google Play through the Mega-Game platform.

The new investment comes from existing investors BRM Group and Mitsui Ventures. Total funding now stands at US$9.2 million.

"In a market where 99.99 percent of mobile apps languish and disappear, PlayScape offers a solution for mobile game developers, providing distribution and discoverability," said BRM Group partner Eran Barkat.