Cross platform developer Marmalade is to add support for the Tizen open source operating system and announced an incentive programme for developers to work with Windows Phone 8.

Developers can begin to develop apps for the Samsung-backed Tizen platform using the Marmalade SDK simulator to build, test and debug the software. These apps can then be deployed when the first Tizen devices are launched in the third quarter of the year.

“Tizen is a hugely interesting arrival, not only in the smartphone market, but also for its wider applications in a range of different and distinct devices. We’re pleased to be able to support developers who choose to develop for Tizen, and I’m sure our vibrant developer community will leap at the opportunity to produce great content for this exciting new platform,” said Harvey Elliott, CEO of Marmalade.

Earlier this week, a $4 million contest was launched for Tizen developers.

Marmalade is also giving developers free access to its Windows Phone Dev Center SDK licence for one year and a licence extension to existing customers. It will also supply developers with a free Windows Phone 8 device for testing and deploying apps.

In order to take part, developers must produce a beta app made using Marmalade that is accepted by the Windows Phone Store. Once the app has met Microsoft’s quality target, developers will receive a device on which to test it ahead of its final release.

Once developers have uploaded their finished app to Windows Phone Store, they will receive a free three month Marmalade SDK licence, allowing them to bring the app to other platforms.