Cross platform app tools provider Marmalade has added support for HTML5 and Adobe’s PhoneGap framework to its latest SDK release.

Marmalade 6.0 allows developers to build mobile web apps in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and deploy them as native apps on iOS and Android, without the need to switch between SDKs or Windows and Mac devices.

The latest version of the Marmalade technology also allows developers to create hybrid apps that build on the "dual strengths" of native and web code.

Using the tools, Windows developers can build, test and debug iOS apps locally from their PC. Developers can preview apps in a desktop device simulator that includes the Chrome JavaScript debugger and Web Inspector tools.

Marmalade 6.0 also adds support for the new iPad’s Retina display.

"Marmalade has always been about open standards, so HTML5 and PhoneGap are natural choices for us. But with our unparalleled experience of cross-platform native apps, and our patented single-binary architecture, we're creating for web developers a brand new opportunity – use existing HTML5 technologies and frameworks, but access all the power of cross-platform native code,” said Tim Closs, CEO of Marmalade.

The technology already supported native app development for Android, BlackBerry and iOS as well as a number of other mobile and TV platforms.