FOSS Patents said that Lodsys has amended one of its in-app purchasing lawsuits to name several new companies, the most high profile of which are Angry Birds developer Rovio and gaming giant EA (for The Sims 3 for iPhone). Other new names on the list are Atari, Square Enix and Take-Two Interactive, while Vietnam developer Wulven Games has been removed. Lodsys has now named 11 app companies in this suit, with FOSS Patents noting that it is clearly “not afraid of suing deep-pocketed app developers.” Lodsys has not commented on its amendments.

Lodsys came into the spotlight in May 2011, when it first served papers on a number of developers alleging that they have infringed its in-app purchasing intellectual property. Initially its focus was on iOS developers, although it has subsequently extended this to include Android. Apple has also filed a “motion to intervene” in the case involving iOS developers, stating that a relationship it already has with Lodsys provides protection for its app community.