Social messaging app company LINE almost doubled its revenue in the first quarter of 2013, hitting JPY5.82 billion ($58.9 million), a 92 per cent rise.

In-app purchases made up around 50 per cent of sales, while charging for character stamps accounted for around 30 per cent. In terms of regions, Japan generated 80 per cent of revenue.

LINE’s Stamp Shop, which became available globally in April, allows users to purchase 191 types of stamps featuring characters from Disney, Hello Kitty and Snoopy cartoons which can be used in apps.

LINE gives users free voice calls and messages on iOS, Android and Windows Phone over 3G and 4G mobile broadband as well as Wi-Fi.

It recently passed 150 million users worldwide, 19 months after launch and just three months after passing the 100 million barrier.

A number of new services have been added to the platform including 24-strong game portfolio LINE GAME, which exceeded 100 million users in March. LINE camera also performed strongly, passing 30 million downloads in April, while LINE Tools and the LINE Antivirus app were recently launched.

LINE said it would make its financial results public more regularly in the future and will strengthen its marketing in Asia, Spain and South America. It launched in the US in January.