The Pokemon Company, part owned by Nintendo, is set to launch a new Android gaming app called Pokeland, according to media reports.

It will tested in Japan until 9 June, with no details yet on when it will be available internationally. The free game is said to be a mix of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Rumble, a Nintendo Wii game, with pocket monsters duelling it out, and users will be able to link it to their Nintendo accounts.

The test version is only available to the first 10,000 people in Japan who sign up and will have 134 characters and 52 levels across six islands, though for now players only get to play the first 15 levels.

When the offical app comes out users will likely lose the progress they made in the test version.

The game is developed by Ambrella, the same studio in charge of Rumble, and will require an internet connection.

Pokemon Go proved a surprise gaming phenomenon, generating a record $200 million in revenue during its first month, vastly out-earning other successful games including Candy Crush and Clash Royale.