While app developers have a “high willingness” to use cross-platform app tools, this is accompanied by a “rather low awareness of the available solutions as well as a lack of knowledge about the possibilities of these tools”.

According to research2guidance, for non-users the most important factors in choosing tools are the number of supported platforms (listed by 70 per cent of respondents), performance (64 per cent), cost of the toolset (62 per cent) and the development time and cost (59 per cent).

More positively, developers who are using cross-platform tools “rate them positively in general”. Some 84 per cent are satisfied with the number of supported platforms and 67 per cent say the tools help them to save 30 per cent of time and more.

The licensing costs for using cross-platform tools did not exceed $5,000 in 79 per cent of the observed cases.

The only negative reported among the users of cross-platform tools was the performance of the resulting apps, which was criticised by 44 per cent of respondents.

The preliminary results come from an ongoing survey conducted by research2guidance. The final findings will be published later this year.