Jolla announced the SDK for its Sailfish smartphone OS will be available in the first quarter of 2013.

The Finnish start-up is planning to build devices using an OS which is based on Nokia’s former MeeGo platform, and offer tools to enable developers to write apps for the OS.

Jolla is currently putting the finishing touches to the SDK after receiving feedback from its community.

It has not announced whether it intends launching a developer support programme, stating only that it will “disclose more information regarding this during next year”.

The start-up recently announced that it had struck a deal for Finland’s number-three operator DNA to market Jolla smartphones in Finland when they enter the market.

It has also partnered with ST-Ericsson for its smartphone chipsets and has a distribution deal with Chinese phone retailer D.Phone.

It is unclear when the first smartphones running Sailfish will make their debut.

Nokia launched the open-source MeeGo OS in partnership with Intel in 2010, but largely abandoned it when it Nokia adopted Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform for its smartphones.