Action camera company GoPro is set to launch an app to enable users to edit videos from smartphones, with a launch possible as soon as the end of summer.

Speaking in a conference call, Tony Bates, president of the company, said that the company is in “the final phases of development and testing” of the app.

While GoPro has carved out its niche offering rugged cameras, aided by the introduction of low-cost products in its line, users have previously needed to use separate editing software to manage content.

By offering editing capabilities on a smartphone, GoPro will enable users to more quickly and conveniently share videos.

Indeed, the trends for user generated content and social sharing were identified as areas where the company is “both an enabler and a beneficiary”.

While video editing apps are available, GoPro will be able to leverage both its brand and the installed base of users of its cameras to drive uptake.

Bates also said that GoPro is in the early stages of testing a cloud service which will deliver seamless uploads of content from cameras to be managed and viewed on other devices.

TechCrunch previously said that such a service could also include editing capabilities, and a feature where longer videos are cut into highlight reels.

GoPro’s core mobile app, which enables viewing of content captured by devices, has been downloaded more than 18 million times.

It also offers a desktop video app called GoPro Studio.