Dunkin’ Donuts is Waze’s first partner for a new feature called Order Ahead, which lets users of the real-time crowdsourced traffic and navigation app place orders in advance.

Members of Dunkin’ Donuts’ rewards programme can order food and drinks by connecting to the retailer’s on-the-go mobile ordering feature through the Waze app before starting their journey.

“Our new feature expands Waze’s mission of saving time on the road by enabling consumers to now also save time in-store, while giving brands a new opportunity to engage with their customers,” said Jordan Grossman, Waze’s head of business partnerships in North America.

He added Waze will roll out the feature with more brand advertisers in the near future to “further personalise the driving experience for Wazers saving them time and money.”

According to Scott Hudler, ‎chief digital officer at Dunkin’ Brands: “Partnering with leading brands like Waze helps our brand continue to stand apart for valuing our loyal guests and providing them with exciting and innovative new ways to purchase food and beverages as quickly and seamlessly as possible.”

Dunkin’ Donuts first partnered with Waze to map all of its restaurant locations through the app in 2012.

In 2016, it became the first company to utilise a feature enabling Waze users to make the brand a favourite through native-style adverts.

Earlier this month, Waze partnered with Spotify to allow users to navigate with Waze from within Spotify, and access music playlists and change tracks from within Waze.