Localytics, a mobile engagement platform provider, launched ‘Uninstall Tracking’ to help businesses understand why users disengage from apps.

The new product, currently in private beta, sends silent push messages to users on a daily basis and reports an uninstall in cases where the user’s device operating system, Android or iOS, indicates the app is no longer available.

This enables businesses to see how uninstalls are trending over time, understand which behaviors lead to uninstalling the app, and target a ‘win-back’ email or Facebook remarketing campaign.

Back in September, Localytics touted its remarketing product, which enables app advertisers to reach users even when they are not using an app, with personalised advertisements on Facebook and other platforms.

“It wasn’t until recently that uninstall tracking has emerged as a viable tool for businesses to better understand app user behaviour,” said Lou Orfanos, vice president of product.

“We’re now at a point where accurately tracking uninstalls across iOS and Android is a reality, removing the questionable results of the past. Now our customers are able to track uninstalls as an important complement to their efforts to better understand, and ultimately prevent, user churn,” he added.

Due to recent improvements to Apple’s services and transparency around push, Localytics said it is able to achieve “virtually 100 per cent” accuracy in measuring uninstalls.