The “App Economy” has created more than 500,000 jobs in the US, and is a “significant economic driver for a number of states”, according to research from the Application Developers Alliance and the CTIA.

The research found that alongside “renowned high-tech areas” such as California and Washington, some “unexpected” states have also benefited.

It was noted that Virginia and Maryland have “close ties to government agencies and the military”, and are therefore creating apps targeting these sectors. Massachusetts was linked with titles targeting the higher-education segment.

As an example of the growth possible, it was noted that Applico, a New York-based development house, hired its first employee in May 2010, and expects to have “as many as 150” staff by the end of the year.

“The app industry is a borderless economic force, providing opportunity across the country – even in places we might not expect. In a challenging economic environment, the app industry has created more than a half million jobs in the five years since Apple's iPhone launched,” said Jon Potter, president of the ADA.