As AppLovin launches its first advertising SDK for Apple’s tvOS platform, CEO and co-founder Adam Foroughi has advice for developers: push out an MVP (minimum viable product) as quickly as possible onto the tvOS store.

“This doesn’t mean release a low quality app, but don’t worry about having every feature on the first submission,” he told Mobile World Live. 

Having a headstart on building a footprint on tvOS allows you to gain traction for your brand on this exciting new platform, all the while iterating on your product,” the executive continued.

iOS developers will be familiar with most of the tools available to them when working on tvOS products, but there are some big differences, he warns.

For instance there is no HTML rendering engine on tvOS and the user interface design is totally different. “All interaction is through the remote, so you have to design your app accordingly,” he said.

Another challenge developers will face is discovery: “Unless you are featured or already on the top charts, the only way for users to find your app is to specifically search for it, one letter at a time.”

As for the type of apps best suited for TV, Foroughi said games will likely lead the way, but ultimately there will be a market for all kinds.

“E-commerce apps like Gilt are dipping their toe in the water, and music app company Smule has launched a tvOS version for its app ‘Sing! Karaoke’. The range of apps on tvOS will be wide, and we’re excited to see how developers take advantage of the newest screen for apps,” he said.

“Apple believes the future of TV is apps, and we are happy to provide our SDK to encourage publishers to enable the app ecosystem to flourish,” he added.

The company’s new SDK will give publishers and advertisers a “new way to monetise and grow their businesses in the new app ecosystem,” it said.