Consumers are increasingly ditching apps after initial download, said Localytics, with the gaming segment seeing the poorest retention rates.

The analytics firm found that average retention for apps one month after download dropped from 42 per cent last year to 37 per cent. The retention rate over a three month period decreased from 25 per cent to 20 per cent.

Localytics said it was “disappointed, but not surprised” to find that apps were losing more users, and said it was further evidence that brands had to do more to stay in touch with their customers.

“Apps are falling short in providing the types of high quality experiences that users have come to expect,” said the company. “Though mobile remains the mode of interacting with many brands, brands just aren’t pulling their weight.”

In terms of individual segments, gaming fared the worst, showing the lowest average retention in the first month at 27 per cent.

Media and Entertainment was the highest, out of the five categories used by Localytics, at 40 per cent.

Localytics put this down to the changing way users consume music, video, information and news.