LIVE FROM MWC LAS VEGAS 2022: The sky’s the limit for collaboration between the gaming industry, developers, and mobile operators, according to a keynote address by Faze Clan president Zach Katz.

Faze Clan, which Katz noted has rapper Snoop Dogg on its board of directors, currently has more than 600 million mobile gamers on its platform.

With 3.3 billion video game players, which would be 36 per cent of the world’s  population,  projected by 2024, there’s a very large opportunity for mobile operators to monetise their relationships with game companies, players and developers.

“I think all of us are living in an always on world, and the reality is there’s only one way to be always on, and that is through mobile,” Katz said during Keynote 3. “We’re seeing some of the biggest video game publishers in the world really lean into creating mobile versions of the biggest games in the world.”

Katz cited the Call of Duty as example of an older game finding new life on a mobile platform. The company’s popular Warzone iteration has almost 16 million pre-registrations for its upcoming November release on mobile.

He also noted mobile operators’ 5G services will enable mobile gaming to become very focused on the use of AR.

“AR opens a completely new dimension of interactivity,” he said. “Blockchain is another area where telcos can lead.”

Katz stated Faze Clan is an extremely collaborative company, and that he was in Las Vegas to find ways to work with mobile operators.

“We need partners. We need to be able to extend our reach. We need to put power into the hands of our creators. I would love to have a collaborative conversation with anybody here who is interested.”