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Report – The Business of Tomorrows

11 NOV 2016


In a recent survey, we quizzed operators on some of the biggest issues facing the industry. We wanted to garner a perspective on what ails today’s operators and what measures they are likely to take in the future to resolve those issues.

The results highlighted a wide range of opinions. For example, customer experience management (CEM) is considered the top operator priority going forward, ahead of cloud, big data and AR/VR, while a mammoth 75 per cent of respondents believe IoT will drive the internet sector going forward.

Find out what operators said about these challenges – and many more – in our Business of Tomorrows report. Gain insight into how operators around the globe see the future of their companies, and what impact current and emerging technologies will have on the wider telecoms ecosystem.

The report is split into six of the market’s most important segments:

  • Overall Industry Landscape
  • Mobile Payments
  • 5G networks
  • Content
  • Customer Analytics
  • Mobile Broadband


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