PRESS RELEASE: Recently, Huawei announced that during MWC 2023 Barcelona, it will showcase innovative antenna solutions such as the new Maxwell platform and X2 antenna series, driving all bands to 5G evolution by providing higher integration and configuration antenna solutions.

According to Huawei, the new antenna solutions adopt many breakthrough innovations, greatly improve antenna integration and configuration capabilities, and aim to help operators efficiently implement full-band 5G evolution, providing the ultimate 5G experience with deeper coverage and larger capacity.

The Maxwell platform is equipped with an enhanced version of Frequency Selective Isolation and Penetration (FreSIP 2.0) technology to achieve full frame passive antenna electromagnetic transparency, which supports the convergence of larger scale array Massive MIMO antenna and passive antenna as one module. This enhances BladeAAU with more powerful Massive MIMO configurations, allowing operators to efficiently deploy high-configuration sites using all-in-one antenna solutions under 6 GHz.

The X2 antenna is the first quad low-band array antenna, utilizing innovations such as foldable arrays, sector beam deflection, and 3D tunable design. X2 antenna doubles antenna array configuration while remaining the size unchanged, and provides important technical support for the evolution of 5G multi-antenna technologies. The antenna also meets operators’ requirements in multiple scenarios, such as antenna sharing and 4T4R PIM Free low-band deployment, which helps deepen 5G network coverage.

Eric Zhao, the President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit, emphasized: “The development of antenna technologies plays an increasingly important role in network performance improvement, network deployment, and network evolution. Huawei remains committed to developing customer-centric and continues to innovate based on 5G construction requirements, to help carriers achieve 5G business success, by constructing high-quality antennas that feature multiple arrays, high manufacturing precision, high energy efficiency, and high integration.”