PRESS RELEASE: At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2023, China Mobile and Huawei took home the ‘GSMA Foundry Excellence Award’ for their 5G-Advanced Foundry project. Based on the proposed 5G-Advanced Initiative for Converged Innovation and Industry Chains, China Mobile collaborates with Huawei on the joint innovation of 5G-Advanced. This project has verified a series of 5G-Advanced technologies, and network capabilities and potential business value based on their joint innovations. This award shows that their continuous efforts in verifying 5G-Advanced technologies and exploring their business value have been recognized in the industry. It also recognizes the valuable experience of this project for 5G-Advanced commercial deployment.

GSMA Foundry is the go-to place for cross-industry collaboration and business development, where GSMA members and industry players come together to rapidly develop real-world solutions to industry challenges, nurture new ideas through initial commercial trials and scale proven solutions at a regional and global level to forge our digital future. For more information, please visit:

China Mobile and Huawei started joint 5G-Advanced innovation in 2021, when both parties conducted in-depth verification and practice in scenarios such as XR, high uplink, passive IoT, and integrated sensing and communications. In 2022, China Mobile and Huawei released a series of high-value 5G-Advanced applications on the GSMA Foundry platform.

  1. The industry’s first X-Layer cross-layer synergy has been verified to improve the XR system capacity by five times. This technology will play a pivotal role in developing metaverse, XR, and immersive services. Through information sharing between the application and network layers, a global optimal performance can be achieved for 5G-Advanced.
  2. SUL-based dual-carrier UDD has been field tested, showing a single-user uplink speed of over 1 Gbps and a better uplink coverage. This provides powerful support for scenarios such as HD live streaming, as well as machine vision and industrial manufacturing.
  3. The industry’s first cellular e-IoT delivering over 200 m coverage is verified, which is more than 20 times longer than that supported by conventional RFID technology. Thanks to its ultra-low costs and power consumption, this solution can address huge demands for identification and sensor information transmission in vertical industries including retail, manufacturing, electric power, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and logistics.

Looking ahead, China Mobile and Huawei will continue to share their innovation practices on the GSMA Foundry platform to lead the rapid 5G-Advanced development.

Richard Cockle, Head of GSMA Foundry, commented: “5G-Advanced, the next milestone in the 5G era, has demonstrated the innovativeness and future potential of the already standing 5G ecosystem with improvements to speed, coverage, and efficiency. Enhancing the XR capabilities and sustainability, 5G-Advanced has created several business opportunities for the global enterprise market.”

Ding Haiyu, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute, said, “It’s a great honor to receive this award for the 5G-Advanced Foundry project with Huawei. Thanks for GSMA and the recognition from judges. Our thanks also go to partners who have shown us valuable support. The 5G-Advanced industry is developing rapidly. China Mobile will work with industry partners to promote unified global standards for 5G-Advanced, implementing innovations in industry practices while nurturing innovations through industry achievements to accelerate 5G-Advanced adoption.”

Gan Bin, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Wireless Solution, said, “Thanks to GSMA for honoring this prestigious award to China Mobile and Huawei. We are very pleased to contribute our part to driving 5G-Advanced and its commercialization. We will continue our innovation based on operator requirements, and accelerate 5G-Advanced applications in a wider range of scenarios and industries to demonstrate their economic and social benefits.”