Google CEO Sundar Pichai and European Commissioner for the internal market Thierry Breton (pictured) struck an initial agreement on developing voluntary rules on AI, ahead of EU regulation on the technology being finalised.

In a statement on social media Breton highlighted the pair had agreed for their organisations to work together on developing a so-called AI Pact.

They expect “all major European and non-European AI actors” to also be involved.

“We expect technology in Europe to respect all of our rules, on data protection, online safety, and AI,” Breton added. “In Europe, it’s not pick and choose. I am pleased that Sundar Pichai recognises this and that he is committed to complying with all EU rules.”

The proposed AI Act was initially drafted by the European Commission in 2021 and is currently with the European Parliament, which expects to hold a vote on its position next month.

It must also be agreed by the European Council.

Hours after Breton was hailing a successful meeting with Pichai, Reuters reported comments from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stating the initial draft of the AI Act would constitute “over-regulating”, though noted he expected it to be “pulled back”.

However, the news publication noted Altman said the company may consider leaving Europe should it be unable to comply with the upcoming rules.