Among employees using their own mobile device in the workplace, trust in their employer to manage it is the leading concern, according to a new survey into attitudes towards bring your own device (BYOD) adoption.

The survey found that only 30 per cent of respondents wanted their employer to manage corporate mobility, whereas 42 per cent preferred the idea of an operator fulfilling the role.

The research was conducted by Ovum on behalf of AdaptiveMobile, a mobile security firm.

In addition, the survey talked to those employees who are not yet using their own devices at work. Among that group, it found strong scepticism towards employers supervising BYOD deployment.

A desire to keep work and personal life separate (44 per cent), as well as a wariness of their employer having any kind of control or supervision (24 per cent) figured large for these non-BYODers.

“Particularly for the underserved but significant SME market that find current mobile security offerings too complex to deploy, too expensive to integrate and too time-consuming to manage, these issues can be addressed by a comprehensive security-as-a-service offering, that is easy to implement and use,” said the firm’s chief product officer, Ciaran Bradley.

Alongside concerns around privacy from employers, security of users’ data is a central concern too.

The survey took in 5,000 employees from 19 countries around the world.