Zain Kuwait asserted itself as the first operator in the world to commercially launch voice over 5G services (Vo5G) across its whole footprint, with customers using Samsung Galaxy S22 devices able to access the new service.

The launch follows extensive testing of the system, the operator added, noting the service relied on its standalone 5G network which was installed earlier this year.

Zain is offering use of the enhanced voice service at no additional cost and plans to extend it to compatible supporting devices as they are launched into the market.

The operator noted the 5G-based voice service allowed users to experience “crystal-clear” calls while simultaneously using high-grade data services without disruption.

“Vo5G allows users to enjoy using the internet, streaming services, and data-hungry apps while making voice calls with the consistent and ultra-fast speeds of 5G,” it added. “The service offers a great solution for users who heavily depend on data services, as they will not have to end phone calls to get back to the best internet experience anymore.”

A number of other operators across various markets have been testing Vo5G alongside new standalone 5G infrastructure.