Verizon moved to spur the capacity, data rate and traffic capabilities on its mobile and fixed wireless access (FWA) services in certain areas by tapping 100MHz of its C-Band spectrum.

The addition of 100MHz almost doubled Verizon’s capabilities: the operator stated it commenced 5G services with 60MHz of C-Band spectrum.

Verizon’s move allows it to offer 5G home and business internet services to more customers, which would seem to make it a good fit for large cities or urban areas. It stated engineers had achieved peak download rates of 1.4Gb/s near active cell sites and 500Mb/s further away in a recent trial.

CFO Matt Ellis told an investor conference in March the C-Band network was delivering peak data rates of around 900Mb/s.

In addition to using C-Band to bridge the gap between its low-band and mmWave holdings, the spectrum also provides more roaming opportunities for Verizon’s customers abroad where it is more widely deployed.

Kyle Malady, Verizon EVP and president of Global Networks and Technology, stated the 100MHz of C-Band spectrum would also enable the operator to develop new products and services.

The additional C-Band spectrum was made available to customers several months sooner than initially projected due to an agreement with satellite service providers to release it earlier than an original deadline of end-December 2023.

Verizon spent close to $53 billion on the spectrum, including the purchase price and cost of reimbursing satellite companies for clearing the frequencies.

The operator stated customers would ultimately have access to between 140MHz and 200MHz over the coming months and years as the spectrum becomes available.