The recently formed 5G for 12GHz Coalition called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to unlock the spectrum band to boost US next-generation ambitions, arguing current rules were holding the nation back.

In a statement, the coalition called for amendments to rules it argues are decades old and which are now impacting the US in a 5G race with China. It added it is imperative the US now moves to enable spectrum sharing among 5G terrestrial services, direct broadband satellite and non-geostationary orbiting satellites.

The 5G for 12GHz Coalition was formed last month, with more than 20 members consisting of public interest groups, trade associations and companies in the telecoms sector lobbying for the FCC to allow 12GHz spectrum to be for next-generation services.

In its latest statement, the group called for operators to be held to account for wishing to use the 12GHz band for one purpose, a stance it described as “anti-5G”.

“We urge the Commission to prioritise science and facts in its decision making and not be swayed by a few companies.”

The FCC opened a public consultation on whether to allow mobile services in the 12GHz band in January. The band is currently used by satellite providers, and the FCC said it was seeking input on whether it would be possible to share the frequency with terrestrial mobile services without causing harmful interference.

However, the move has faced opposition from satellite service providers, including OneWeb and SpaceX.